Inventions! @ nationalgeographic
Encounter some of the world's most interesting inventions while helping ProfessorLou Knee fire up his latest gadget.

Totally Absurd Inventions
From the tricycle lawn mower to the diaper alarm, read about some of the strangestpatents ever applied for.
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Canada's national public broadcaster has a kids' club (with shockwave games,songs and a jokeshop), a lab (for gross science experiments and cool outer space ...

CBC Kids - History of Inventions, a timeline from Pottery to ...
Looks at who made what when, and examines how inventions have changed the world.
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Preview by Thumbshots.orgEncyclopedia Smithsonian: Inventors and Innovations
Provides links to Smithsonian web resources.

Greatest Inventions - The Evolution of Man through History
Covers a number of popular inventions through history from the 15th to the 20thcentury.
 Reinvent the Past: Famous Inventions
Find out how the airplane, automobile, light bulb, telegraph, and bifocal glassescame into existence in this Thinkquest Junior site.

Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Home Page
Virtual museum includes photographs and brief descriptions of the tools of abygone era.
Preview by Thumbshots.orgSmith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Acknowledgments ...
A list of ancient inventions and who invented them.

Renaissance Inventions and Technology
Discusses devices that are supposedly created in this period of time, such asclocks and the printing press.
Preview by Thumbshots.orgThomas Edison - The Inventions of Thomas Edison
All of Thomas Edison's major inventions and a collection of biographies on thisprolific inventor.

A Guide to Inventions and Discoveries: From Adrenaline to the Zipper
List of inventions from A to Z with dates, inventors, and links to the biographiesof some of these inventors.
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  The American Experience: Forgotten Inventors
Highlights everyday items such as blue jeans or the can opener and tells aboutpeople who created them.

Inventions and Ideas from Science Fiction Books and Movies at ...
Inventions by science fiction authors and movie makers.
 Ancient Inventions of Ukraine
The Ancient World created many of the inventions which have contributed to theprogress of civilization. Among these are a number which originated in Ukraine.

BBC - History - Industrialisation
Feature article on the recent discoveries and experiments which have shed newlight on the mystery of how the Iron Bridge was built.
  Inventions! Patents at NC State University
Patents developed by faculty at NC State University and selected items from NCSULibraries? collection of related materials.

Teslini pronalasci i jos mnogo toga.
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  Edison, His Life and Inventions, vol. 1
Complete text of the work by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin,published 1910.

The Inventions of Garrett Morgan
Virtual exhibit portrays Morgan's life, his most important inventions, the actof heroism that brought him national recognition, and his work to improve civil ...
 Ancient Inventions
Describes the history and operation of the Baghdad Battery - (c. 250 BC).

Inventors, Inventions, InventNET-The Inventors Network - free help ...
Internet-based organization, helping independent inventors worldwide develop andmarket their inventions.
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  Patent Attorney, patent agent, Inventors, Inventions, help with ...
Directory of patent attorneys, organized by telephone area code.

Black inventors, Black Inventions and Black Inventor scientists
A multimedia presentation that appears at educational conferences, schools,churches, colleges, and community organizations.
Preview by Thumbshots.orgSell ideas, new inventions, patents. Sell art, sell crafts and new ...
Global Marketplace For New Ideas and Inventions.

Heron of Alexandria, Inventions, Biography, Science (1/2)
Features inventions, biography and science. Includes links, photos, articles,list of his books and detailed descriptions.
Preview by Thumbshots.orgPatent Attorney - Patents Copyrights Trademarks Inventions
Registered patent attorney and engineer, with offices in Syosset, offering patent,trademark, and copyright registration services.

Granville T. Woods: Inventor
Biography of this African-American engineer and inventor, who developed andpatented several inventions relating to telegraphy.
 Capital and Labour - The Invention of the Steam-Engine : Watt's ...
Article describing his early life, his work and the funding required to turn theinvention into a commercial proposition .

New Medical Inventions
Encourage medical innovation with the clear purpose of improving the quality oflife for the patient.
 Websync Homepage
Is an Internet monitor, which helps you keep track of changes in your favoriteWeb sites, and can download Web sites to disk, while removing undesirable links.

The Kencyclopedia - Gnomish Inventions (BOIN.G)
Gives an online creation system for gnomish inventions in the DragonLance setting,but can be exported to any system.
 Espace des Inventions : Accueil
Centre consacrй а la dйcouverte de la science et de la technique. Expositions etagendas des activitйs.

Elijah McCoy: American Inventor -
Simple biography for young children.
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  Russian Inventions
Fan fiction about the character.

Protection of Software-related Inventions in Europe and Japan
Information regarding the protection of computer-related inventions, from thelaw firm of Ladas and Perry.
 TFM's Lego Inventions
Features original ideas, designs, and models including the controlled Lego traincrossing, cable car model, inverted hopper, and images of RCX controlled train.

Home Page of Medical Diagnostic Inventions
This is a group of inventors who will assist others in developing medical diagnosticproducts and environmental testing systems.
 Ideas by Creativity Pool
A free pool full of new ideas and inventions. People can search the database forinvention ideas, or donate their own ideas and be rewarded.

invent, patents, new products, outsourcing inventions, invent ...
Elegant, cost-effective inventions on demand from experienced and prolific seniorscientists/engineers. No speculative R&D investment required.

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